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IHMGS International School is an educational institution that sponsors and offers joint postgraduate study programs with the University of Valencia study in Spain for international students for students who want to come to Spain safely and grow along the way. 

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About Us

At IHMGS we are characterized by offering personalized treatment to the student. We have friendly and involved staff and teachers.

We also offer the possibility of extending your stay for TWO YEARS for students with higher education. We do not require IELTS (English fluency is required)

IHMGS is one of the best schools in Spain for international students. We offer masters in Spain for international students.

We assist you throughout the visa process and offer Spanish courses to facilitate your integration. All this under the highest demands and quality standards.

Best Universities in Spain

IHMGS sponsors programs for international students, collaborating with the university of Valencia.


Study an official and leading Master's degree


We offer access to official Diplomas in Spain

Spanish Courses

Includes Spanish Language courses to develop your skills.


We look for your internships with the best companies

Why Choose Us

We are one of the best International Schools in Spain for Students


Personalized treatment for the student

Our Staff

Kind and involved teachers

Extend your stay

Stay-back option in Spain for two years

get Your Visa

Assistance during the visa process


“...I can't describe my satisfaction. 5 stars for Itziar, the teachers and the university. Thanks for everything...”
Kariim Douniia
IHMGS Master in Tourism
“...My experience has been great. After my internships, they offer me a Job and I´m working at the moment. I am very grateful...”
Parth - India
IHMGS Hospitality student
“..Basically my experience here has been awesome. IHMGS is a great place to Study in Spain for International Students. Thank you...”
Joshua - Nigeria
IHMGS Hospitality Management

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